Weekend Reads : 3rd October, 2021

On the Internet, We’re Always Famous

What happens when the experience of celebrity becomes universal?


What Our Research Really Says About Teen Well-Being and Instagram

Facebook's official position on well being research on Instagram. How it claims Wall Street Journal through its Facebook Files Mischaracterized research.


The other voting systems we often ignore

A gentle introduction to some of the other kinds of voting systems - First Past the Post, Ranked Choice, Proportional Voting, Quadratic Voting https://link.medium.com/EF9lLRKy3jb


Planets that orbit three stars at once.


Fluency in reading minds

In one classic experiment, children were told stories such as the following:

Maxi has put his chocolate in the cupboard. While Maxi is away, his mother moves the chocolate from the cupboard to the drawer. When Maxi comes back, where will he look for the chocolate?

Until the age of four, children often fail this test, saying that Maxi will look for the chocolate where it actually is (the drawer), rather than where he thinks it is (in the cupboard).

They are using their knowledge of the reality to answer the question, rather than what they know about where Maxi had put the chocolate before he left.


The American Aristotle

The very first lesson that we have a right to demand that logic shall teach us is, how to make our ideas clear … To know what we think, to be masters of our own meaning, will make a solid foundation for great and weighty thought.


China’s war on fun.

Like helicopter parents, dictators think it’s dangerous to enjoy life


A brief history of Baileys

The real heroes of ideas are not the people who have them – they are the people who buy them


Deep Learning's Diminishing Returns

The cost of improvement is becoming unsustainable


Misinformation Is About to Get So Much Worse.

A conversation with the former Google CEO Eric Schmidt


China’s Power Shortage

A bit of a dive into what is happening with China’s power situationThe core issue is the coal market.


Whatever Happened to the Population Bomb?

The world's population has risen enormously. The signs of a slowdown are becoming visible




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