Use schedule-based autoscaling to do everything except autoscaling

1. Scedule based autoscaling
2. Per-Second Billing
3. Universal Credits

Long Story Short

Use Schedule based autoscaler on an instance pool of size = 1
Create an Instance Config from an Instance
Create an Instance Pool from Instance Config
Use Schedule based autoscaling
Refer to Quartz Cron Expressions
Don't change the pool size
Let it stay at "1" if it is 1.
Create Autoscaling Policy with Instance Pool
The Contraption

1) Autoscaling generates an "ScalingEvent" event action
2) Event Action can be processed by Events Service
3) Events Service can trigger Functions
4) Functions become your Actuation layer
Create a Function Trigger

What if I wanted a bigger Contraption

Streaming - would have data published to it by Functions, but have to be read by a group of consumers periodically, which can also be a scheduled autoscaling policy triggered function that reads from the stream every “1m”Notifications - We could have functions publish to a bunch of notifications that simply trigger functions on Notification publish. But limited to 60 events per minute per topic. 
The Bigger Contraption

Extend the contraption

Leverage the Power of Cron

The CRON Expression is the logic.

More Power to you with




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